Small Print – Read Before You Buy! / PDF & Spreadsheets Knowledge Needed!

Before customizing your template/s make sure that you keep original template/s backed up so you can always get back to the original template/s if you mess up! Please note that the printable pdfs & editable spreadsheets are templates only, and the entered words, numbers, formulas and others in the templates are samples only, and you will need to modify the templates, enter the words, numbers, formulas and others! Please note that the cells are not protected so you can easily customize the products but be careful as you might delete some functions. PrintableOffice is not liable for any damage or loss to you for not having the knowledge of how to use the spreadsheets in proper way or for any mistakes. You need to have some knowledge on how to work with pdfs files and spreadsheets in order to use the product/s. After modifying the template/s, make double, no make triple sure that all formulas and other things are in the proper way and the you want them and without any mistakes, and make sure that all is working correctly and the way you want it to work! If you do not have the knowledge needed to work with the product/s, make sure you gain the knowledge first or hire professional.

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